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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you insured?

Absolutely! I carry full insurance, and will furnish your venue with a certificate of liability prior to your wedding ... most venues require this! In addition, I am also on the approved vendors list for all Broward County Parks.

Will you play contemporary music for my ceremony?    

I will play anything you wish! (within proper taste, of course) Each couple is unique - some prefer more traditional music, some more contemporary, and some a mixture of the two. These are things that we'll discuss at our planning meeting. * The planning includes all the details for the processional and recessional, as well as lots of 'extras' that might never have crossed your mind...but are IMPORTANT to the wedding!  I'm quite experienced in this, and as there are so many ways of doing this - together, we'll come up with the perfect way for you!

I like the idea of live music, but what value is there in hiring 'you' in particular?

Prior to playing the first note of music for your ceremony, I'll have spent countless hours meeting and discussing details with you / putting together a concise music itinerary  / contacting your venue and officiant /  creating custom tracks for your bridal entrance, recessional, first dances, etc. / making name tags for your front row seating / getting everything  'just right' / loading all my equipment and arriving 2 - 4 hours before your start time / setting up 2 or 3 PA systems and wireless microphones /  changing into my suit or tuxedo / meeting your coordinator and officiant for last minute details / and lastly, tune and set up four instruments! 

Only then I'll begin the playing of your prelude, processional, interlude, recessional, postlude, cocktail hour, and reception and moving from place to place. After that, it will be an another few hours tearing everything down and loading it up all up again. If you compare my price for doing this to musicians that will simply 'show up  and play', 
I'm confident you'll find my services not only comparable, but an exceptional value as well!

Are you LGBT friendly?

Yes indeed! My joy lies in making  every couples' wedding as wonderful and amazing for them as possible!


Why don't you publish your prices on your website?

GOOD QUESTION! As I'm anything but a 'cookie cutter' type of  wedding vendor, it's difficult to give an accurate quote as there are many factors affecting price such as the venue location,  weekday or weekend, time, size (so I know what PA systems I'll need) travel costs if necessary, and more!  This way I won't be quoting you too much (bad for you) ...or too little (bad for me)

Do you charge extra for travel expenses?

From the city limits of Miami to the city limits of  West Palm there are no extra fees.  If your wedding is  outside of that area, I charge a minimal fee for time and gas expenses that I'm sure you'll find fair.


Can we meet to hear you play before I decide? fact I encourage a complimentary 'meet and greet'  between us through Zoom or at your home where I'll be happy to play for you, address any questions or concerns you may have, and see if were a 'good match'. Plus, I want you to be completely comfortable in your choice of a wedding musician!


How can I get more information and speak to you? 

The BEST way is to fill out all the information on my CONTACT page, so I have your email address, phone number, and date of your wedding. I'll then call you as soon as possible...usually within a couple hours. But don't be shy... feel free to Call, Text, or Email me at 954 600 3339 at any time! I'd LOVE to hear from you!


How do I book you for my wedding?
I require a deposit of one half to secure the date, and you can pay the remaining balance on the day of your wedding. *I'm a bit of an 'old fashioned' kind of guy' and feel more comfortable getting paid the balance after the job is finished and you are completely satisfied!   

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