Sharon and Manny
Mikayla and David
Claudia and Frank
Trying the Violin!
Rebecca and Martin
Amy and Megan
Kaitlyn and Gonzalo
Michelle and Kurt
Ei and Tom
Christina and Mike
Emily and Cliff
Tania and Yves
Dena and Mike
Vanessa and Angel
Indira's Limo
Karla and Carlos
Jessica and Mark
Jenna and Steve
Marriane and Michael
Donna and Nick
Carline and Josh
Kim and Jim
Dancing at a reception
John and Marcus
Nikki and Trent
Heidi and Derek
Stephanie and Alex
Kelley and Louis
Elmarie and Francisco
Mavie and David
Alex and Sean
Stephanie and Jesse
Rebecca and Martin
Arletti and James
Rachel and Lee
Indira and Yasha
Britney and Joyce
Dena and Mike
Vanessa and Angelo
Vaisin and JoJo