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 Unique? As I know of no other wedding musician that not only in the plays four different instruments, but does so to different song selections during the processional of the ceremony, then yes, I believe it is! :) Why do I do this? After having done the same old 'one song for the bridal party, and one for the bride' for many years, I thought "there has to be a way to make this more 'personalized and memorable" and after trying it out a few times, I knew I came up with something quite distinctive that allows for some amazing ceremonies!


 After your I DO's, I'll carry my special instrument stand and computer over to your cocktail hour area to begin a delightfully different experience playing to selections of Popular, Light Jazz, Spanish, Mediterranean, Tropical, French, R&B, Disney songs, & more! PLUS, my ability to 'stroll' your venue creates an 'old world' charm your guests will LOVE!) 


TIME TO CELEBRATE! Should you wish, I can also skillfully MC your grand entrances, first dances, toasts, cake cutting, etc., and DJ for the dancing pleasure for all your guests - both young and old. (like me, lol!) Including both ambient and dance lighting, it's the ideal complete 'one stop shop' music solution - perfect for weddings of up to 100 guests!


I'll not only play for your wedding, I'll help you plan it! Meeting with you and your fiance via  Zoom, and using a state of the art audio interface, we'll work together to personalize all your music selections & ceremony details that when done, we'll have created something a ceremony and wedding program just for the two of you! Then, prior to your wedding, I'll provide a highly detailed music itinerary to you, your planner, and your officiant ensuring a smooth, stress free ceremony! We'll even talk about your seating and I'll make name tags to affix to the chairs in your first couple rows, and no one else does that! :)


The variety of instruments I play allows a much more 'colorful' ceremony giving us the flexibility to  incorporate different styles of music to perfectly match the entrance of whomever is walking down the aisle at the time - making that song just for them!

​For instance, I usually start with some gentle guitar for the prelude as your guests arrive, then switch to the violin for the start of the processional so as to highlight the moment! Perhaps then a special song for your parents on the guitar, ukulele for your bridesmaids and groomsmen, and something sweet for your ring bearer and flower girl! The choices are limitless and all customized to your wishes!​ *For the bridal entrance, I'll create a custom backing track with full ensemble that will really make her walk down the aisle special! (as well it should be...she's the bride! :)


A quality sound system is important so that everyone can hear each spoken word and note of music!  I'll furnish, set up a full two speaker PA  (one for each side of the aisle) & include a wireless microphone and stand for your officiant! Plus, I'll set up an additional two speaker PA for your cocktail hour so I can go 'seamlessly from one segment to the next, and even a third for your reception!  *For beach weddings I have a powerful battery operated system - good for up to 200 people!!


Your wedding is much more than just a 'gig' to me as I know this is one of the most important days of your lives, and you have my promise of 110% of professional, courteous service and attention to every nuance. After all, it's your wedding...and you deserve this! 

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